The LG Optimus 3D: Coming to a glasses less 3D world near you

Rumors of glasses less 3D devices have been circulating around the mobile world for awhile now. Nintendo has taken the liberty to be the first in the sector and have recently announced their (Gameboy) 3Ds and it seems the cell phone manufactures want in. Cue the LG Optimus 3D. The rumors surrounding LG and their 3D endeavors have been floating around for since early Janurary and it seems that we now have some pictured proof of the Optimus 3D.

The Optimus 3D name was first exposed on a Dutch based retailer website late last month and since then has upgraded into some spy shots of the device.  More recently in anticipation of the MWC conference LG has sent some invitations to the likely media outlets proclaiming LG’s movement “Into the new Dimension”. The picture above was sent into Phandroid and is assumed to be the new Optimus 3D. The source for Phandroid goes on to speak on a few specs that were unknown up to this point. The ‘tipster’ tells the site that the screen is definitely larger than 4 inches but is unsure as to its exact size. Judging from the pictures the site estimates it to be around 4.3 inches and I concur. Other details leaked from the source state that the Optimus 2 has Dual Core processing capabilities coupled with multi-channel RAM modules. The picture also exposes a front facing camera which is a given at this point…if you ask me. But it surely does look like a more powerful Dual core 3D Droid X.

So the 3D revolution may be taking new form in mobile devices but are you ready? The LG Optimus 3D is surely a first to the market but will people want it? Do you want it? I’m sure we all can agree that glasses less 3D is the only way 3D will actually take off,  but do we want it on our cell phones, tablets and TVs? I for one think 3D should stay in the theaters! Tell us how you feel about glasses less 3D taking over your media world

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