The LG Note is the new dual core slider on the playground



Usually when a large mobile manufacturer takes to the streets with a new idea you will surely see its competition following along similar lines. 3D mobile handsets are a perfect example, but this one here may not be. When I first read the headlines surrounding the LG Optimus Note, my first thought was of the newly announced Samsung Note, and then thought in my best Egor voice ‘what have they started’. Come to find out this new Optimus Note from LG is not quite in the same category as Sammy’s behemoth. So let’s take a look at what we know about the newly leaked Optimus Note from LG.

The LG Optimus Note is best described as an Optimus Black with a full keyboard. It sports the same 4 inch NOVA display as the Black and will give you a pixel resolution of 800×480. A not so subtle difference is this impeccable screen horizontal slide out of the way to make room for its 4 row full QWERTY keyboard. While the Optimus Black only rocked a single core 1 GHz processor, the Optimus Note steps it up in the CPU department with a 1.2 GHz dual core NVIDIA processor.  Another short coming of this new Optimus Note compared to its origins, would be its thinness, or lack thereof. At one point the Optimus Black was the thinness smart phone in all the land. The Optimus Note comes in at a 12.3 mm measurement, which is quite thin considering the QWERTY that is attached. This new slider also comes equipped with a 5 mega pixel shooter out back and a .3 mega pixel camera out front. We can also expect up to 8GB of internal storage that is assumingly expandable with some microSDHC love.  The Optimus Note also sports a special little data transferring protocol known as Wi-Fi Direct. If you are unfamiliar with Wi-Fi Direct, it is a simple protocol that allows users to transfer data; you know pictures, movies and the like from device to device over a Wi-Fi connection. Think ‘what Bluetooth transfers should have been’. This new Optimus Note also supports GPS and HDMI.

Another note I might mention, unless of course my eyes are playing tricks on me, does the back door on this device look like an extended battery cover?

While the buck stops there on specs and details, it’s a good chance this amazing sliding QWERTY may never make it stateside. However in a recently leaked Sprint road map the words “Optimus Slider” have appeared, so maybe there hope after all. Tell us what you think of the newly leaked Optimus Note. Sound off in the comments and tell’em why you mad! Ok don’t but seriously let us know what you think. Oh and by the way we have all the LG accessories you could ever need, just in case you were searching.

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