LG Nitro HD Accessories Protect Your Awesomeness


The rise of the super phone is in full swing and nothing tells the story like the LG Nitro HD. This amazing phone was made official for At&t’s super fast LTE 4G network back in November of 2011 and it has been blazing a trail like a shooting star the entire time. This amazing device not only pulls down super fast 4G LTE data speeds but it is also a power house that can easily keep up with the competition when it comes to computing. The LG Nitro HD packs in a super powerful 1.5 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.5 inch high resolution touch screen and even an 8 mega pixel camera that can record video in full 1080p HD. With a smart phone like this your computer may become unneeded. But seriously, with great power comes great responsibility and the LG Nitro HD will need some additions to ensure a long lasting healthy life.

The LG Nito HD has a lot of great features, being able to connect it to your HD ready monitor or TV, is just one of the best! With this LG Nitro HD micro HDMI D to A cable you can make that connection simple as pie. With this simple yet effective cable you can connect your Nitro HD to your HDMI ready monitor or TV. The cable measures in at 6 feet 6 inches and will give you a long reach around the room. On one side of the cable is what seems to be a standard micro USB connection while the alternate side is a standard HDMI connection. Now that you can take the content from your Nitro HD to the big screen, but we need to ensure it’s fully charged and synced first.

With our seemingly never-ending selection of chargers and cables, you will be able to keep your LG Nitro HD fully charged no matter where you may end up. Take this LG Nitro HD Monaco Solar Charger for example. This excellent charging option is just one of many devices that can keep the lights on when you are far away from an outlet. For a more standard charge when near an outlet, you can check out this LG Nitro HD Travel Adapter with micro USB cable. This simple and to the point charger is a USB based charging adapter that can be taken anywhere and can charge nearly any USB based mobile device. The added micro USB cable is a straight forward cable that can be used for charging and syncing with your computer. But if your looking for just a USB connection, you’ll need this LG Nitro HD Micro USB data cable. This cable measures in at a perfect 2 feet 7 inches and can easily transfer data from and or to your Nitro HD from your computer. The cable can also be used to charge your Nitro HD via a USB based charging adapter or simple from your PC. For the road warriors, car charging adapters are available in abundance. Take this LG Nitro HD micro USB Vehicle Power adapter for example.  The coiled cable measures in at about 1 foot 7 inches, but can be extended up to 5 feet two inches. This simple and to the point car charging adapter is made by LG and also sports an LED indicator to let you know the connection is good. No you got the power and a fresh sync, all that’s left is the best protection you can find, and we got it!

We all know your LG Nitro HD was not cheap and unfortunately it is also not indestructible. Keeping your LG Nitro HD safe has never been easier with cases like these. This Case-Mate LG Nitro HD Barely There case comes in black and Pink and can keep your Nitro HD in tip top shape without adding any additional bulk or weight to your phone. This case is a shell styled case option that is made of an ultra durable, high density, light weight polycarbonate plastic that is coated in a rubberized material giving it a matte look an additional grip. Looking for more of a pouch style case option for your LG Nitro? We can help with this LG Nitro HD Dickies Tool Bag Pouch. This excellent pouch is made of a super durable nylon material and sports an optional Multidapt belt clip and additional belt loop for the ultimate in holstering. It is also weather, impact and dirt resistant and uses a high grade Velcro for closing. With these and many more case and cover options keeping your investment safe has never been easier.

So check out all the best LG Nitro HD accessories today and get what you need to stay powered, connected and ready at all times.

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