New LG made Nexus 5 Rumor’s Suggest an Under Spec’d G2


New details of an LG made Nexus 5 have surfaced to the headlines. The speculation surrounding the next generation Nexus smart phone is heating up. For the last few months’ debate, leak and rumor has encompassed the future of the Google clad handset. If you remember LG was pegged with producing the company’s last device, the Google Nexus 4. This handset was loosely built around the likes of the Optimus G and was subsequently launched with two US based carriers. Now as the next generation Nexus phone is scheduled to be released the rumors are swirling about whom will be the manufacturer. Sources all over the land claim LG will be pegged once again with manufacturing the Nexus 5 while different “insiders” claim the newly Google owned Motorola will be pushing out the next, Nexus. So which one is it?

The leaks surrounding who get build the next generation Nexus smart phone have been consistent to say the least. Details from both sides of the rumor mill suggest LG and Motorola will be producing the next Nexus smart phone. But which one is it? Just a bit of conjecture here, could it be possible one of the two companies would make the Nexus 4 2013 while the other will introduce the Nexus 5? The Nexus 7 didn’t turn into the Nexus 8. The new sets of rumors this morning are by way of Korea and claim LG will be making the next Google nexus device. The leaky details go on to show off spec’s and claim the handset will rather similar to that of the recently launched LG G2. With that in mind we will most likely see a slight decline in spec’s as we did with the Optimus G to Nexus 4 conversion. According to the new rumors the Nexus 5 will come with a Snapdragon 600 processor and 2 GB of RAM. Additionally the device is said to come packing a 10 mega pixel camera as opposed to the G2’s 13. Hopefully these slightly less expensive components can keep the Nexus 5 in the same price range the Nexus 4 is currently in.

So, anyone interested in a Nexus styled G2? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Personally we feel there will be multiple Nexus smart phones in the coming months. Also, before you leave be sure to check out the latest and greatest in Nexus accessories here.

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