New Details Surrounding the LG Nexus 5 Leak Out



LG’s Nexus 5 gets fully exposed as its user manual leaks early! The next generation Nexus smart phone is still waiting in the wings. After last season’s Nexus 4 has been put out to pasture and is not available any longer, the wait is on. The LG made Nexus 5 is becoming more and more anticipated, but as the days pass, more leaks surface into the headlines. The Nexus 5 has over the last few weeks showed its face more than twice and its details have all but been confirmed. Over the weekend, a new set of information has surfaced. The Nexus 5 service manual has leaked out and is spilling the Nexus beans!

The Nexus 5 service manual has leaked out thanks in part to AndroidPolice.Com and their anonymous tipster.  A service manual however is not to be confused with an owner’s manual. A service booklet is usually for service technicians or authorized repair centers. But luckily for us laymen’s this little pamphlet is not filled with just schematics of circuit boards and technical jargon. The manual also gives us a firm grasp on all the specifications that may or may not make the Nexus 5 our next smart phone! While the Nexus 5 has been spotted, pictured and mostly leaked this new service manual for the most part solidifies these rumors. The lined picture above gives us an all angles vision of the device while the further details give the new Nexus 5 a 4.95 inch IPS LCD touch screen that offers up a 1080p pixel resolution. Internally this new document confirms the Nexus 5 will come running with a Snapdragon 800 Quad core processor that clocks in a 2.3 GHz. Additionally we are expecting 2 GB of RAM and up to 32 GB of storage. The manual goes on to confirm the device packs in wireless charging, a 2300 mAh battery, HDMI output, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a notification LED. Around back of the Nexus 5 we’ll find an 8 mega pixel camera with OIS as well as a front facing shooter that clocks in at 1.3 mega pixels. The new leak also goes on to confirm a host of sensors including an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a compass, gyroscope, a proximity senor and pressure sensors. With that, you have yourself an awesome new handset! Keep in mind however the manual comes with a small grain of salt as it lists the device using Bluetooth 3.0, which the Nexus 5 has already been rumored to use version 4.0.

I know we are patiently waiting the Nexus 5, how about you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Nexus 5 and if you’re interested in picking one up? Also, remember that all the best in Nexus accessories can be found here.

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