Call it an LG Miracle, a Fantasy or just an LG E740

More LG leaks come to the forefront of the interwebs today  and surprise, surprise it’s not an Android phone, it does not carry some gimmicky 3D technologies, it’s not a ‘super phone’ nor does it measure in with some obnoxious sizing. The latest LG leak is a mid to entry level device that sports the current underdog OS, WP7. With the start of MWC in Barcelona only 10 days away LG has steadily been pumping out leaks. In an attempt to keep up with the front runners, LG is seemingly pushing out as many options as possible to gain a stronger foot hold in this highly competitive mobile environment. The LG Fantasy, aka Miracle has been ousted once again.

The LG Fantasy was first exposed late last year within the forum walls of XDA. The device was then exposed again just earlier this month and now again some new pictures and details have leaked from under the bowls of the internet. New details on the device have surfaced from, a Romanian based tech site and they have taken it upon themselves to expose a bit more detail on the Miracle, with a short video of its abilities and some new not so blurry pics. While most of the specs and particulars have been exposed in the ongoing saga of this phone, additional info and pictures never hurt…right?  Up front he LG Miracle uses a 4 inch touch screen display that is rumored to be of WVGA NOVA quality. Unfortunately according to the sites source, the Miracle may not be that lucky when it comes to the display. Internally it is said the Miracle will run with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and of course uses the latest and greatest in WP7 software, version 7.5 aka Mango. The new information confirms the rear facing camera will contain a 5 mega pixel sensor, while previous info put a 1.3 mega pixel shooter up front for all those video conferences. The rear facing camera is also said to be able to record video in 720p HD quality. While WP7 phones are notorious for not having expandable memory options, the Miracle is said to come packing 8GB of internal memory. The new information also puts NFC connectivity into the Miracle. While Windows Phone 7, does not currently support NFC it could take a Miracle to make it happen. Additionally we can most likely expect Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and an HSPA compatible radio.

Check out this short video of the LG Fantasy, Miracle E740….doing stuff.


Call it a Miracle, a Fantasy or just an LG E740 this new handset will surely please the mid range and will be very impressive if NFC is actually present come announcement time. While the Miracle that has been passed around is still a prototype we can expect some changes come announcement time. So what do you think of this new device from LG? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. And remember the best selection of LG accessories can be found right here!

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