LG Marquee makes its way to Sprint’s budget line


Another new phone is headed to the Sprint line up, and whileit’s not the coveted iPhone 5 it will surely be a hit at the budget minded smart phone shopper.  As the high end super phone market makes its way into the likes of super powered dual core processors and accelerated graphics, the lower end and mid ranged phones are catching up too. Another addition to Sprints mid range line up was quietly announced today and it goes by the name of the LG Marquee. Let’s take a look at this new mid ranged Android.

The LG Marquee is a new Android that, according to Sprint falls in line perfectly with the fashion conscious…yea I don’t know either. But nonetheless this new mid ranged device will be launching alongside this year’s MADE fashion week. Outside of the phone, you can also expect “chic carrying cases for LG Marquee” designed by some of MADE’s best up and coming designers. Excluding Uncle Sam’s take the LG Marquee when made available will run a new customer about 100 bucks, this of course under the stipulation of a new two year contract. The LG Marquee is also said to be the first Sprint phone to be sold in advance and you can start placing your orders on the 20th of this month (getting ready for an iPhone pre order Sprint?) and get them 9 days later on the 29th officially the Marquee will be available to the world on October 2nd. So what can you expect to get out of LG’s new handset? Starting with possibly the best feature, the LG Marquee will use an ultra bright 4 inch NOVA display that rocks a 480×800 pixel resolution. On the rear of this new phone you can see a unique striped pattern as well as its 5 mega pixel camera and LED flash, front side you can expect a 2 mega pixel shooter for those web cam ‘conference’ calls as the kids are calling them nowadays.  Like sharing? Or ever find yourself without the interwebs? Well the Marquee can hotspot all the 3G data your five laptops can consume. Internally the Marquee runs a 1 GHz processor that is backed by 512 MB of RAM and 2GB of ROM, all of this excellent power runs Android Gingerbread or version 2.3. We can also expect the standards like Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and expandable microSDHC memory. All this sound good to you?

Let us know what you think of the new fashion forward device from LG via Sprint. Anyone else besides me see iPhone 4 when they look at this new LG Marquee from the top down? Sound off and let us know what you think of this new device. Oh and before I forget, before you go find all the best LG accessories here.

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