The LG Marquee and Samsung Replenish set to improve the Boost Mobile line up?

More Boost Mobile goodness has come to light! With super low priced pre-paid plans that will give you excellent unlimited access to what you need while on the move. With the amazingly worthwhile plans Boost also offers up some of the best phones around. It now looks as if the carrier will be adding some new additions to their line up with the likes of LG and Samsung. The two rumored models have been available with Sprint for a while now and has information that put the devices under the Boost moniker.

The LG Optimus Black aka Marquee and the Samsung Replenish are rumored to be on the way to the wings of Boost mobile. According to the site the LG Optimus is also on its way to a slew of different carriers including Alltel, Virgin Mobile and others including of course Boost Mobile. As a Sprint phone the Optimus Black runs free as the Marquee and pushes some pretty impressive specs. The Marquee runs with Android version 2.3 that is powered and made possible by a single core 1GHz processor. It’s built around a 4 inch NOVA display that clocks in at a 480 x 800 pixel resolution.  Add in a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera that can record video in 1080p as well as a front facing 2 mega pixel camera. With all this and much more this could easily be the best phone found within the walls of Boost Mobile. The Samsung addition to the Boost line up can also be found under the Sprint banner as the eco friendly green made Replenish. While it’s excellent for the environment and perfect for the heavy text-er, the Replenish is not quite an Optimus in the spec’s department, but powerful nonetheless. The Replenish is built around Android version 2.2, carries a 2.8 inch touch screen with a 240×320 pixel resolution and this is all powered by a 600 MHz processor. With the added full QWERTY textile keyboard the Replenish offers up maximum connectivity. While the rumor of the these phone is still surely a rumor, the fact that they are both Sprint phones make this very easy to believe. Maybe a new name and of course the non-subsidized price tag.

So, are you looking forward to these new options under the Boost banner? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of these two new Boost phones. But before you leave check out all of our Boost mobile accessories today.

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