LG Bust’s Out the Big Guns with the LS970 Eclipse 4G LTE Super Phone Headed to the Now Network


The last two weeks, all we could see, hear, touch or taste was Samsung and their still un-proven Galaxy S III but it looks as if some LG greatness has been brewing up in the background. The company has steadily been pumping out awesome handsets. The LG Viper was recently announced and has fit nicely in the Sprint line up, while the Optimus Elite is making head way with the Now Network and the likes of Virgin Mobile. The LG Lucid is another solid handset with LTE connectivity and the likes of Android version 2.3. But where is LG’s super flagship phone? Does it lay within the confines of the super large Optimus Vu, or it the Optimus LTE 2? Well, the according to some new leaky details, LG is plotting on one super powerful super phone that shares some high end qualities with the Korean bound Optimus LTE 2.

Last week the likes of the GSIII were running wild on the internet and it seemed as if there was no hope for a twist in the mobile news and just like that, fate, aka LG reared its ugly head! The LG LS970 aka “Eclipse” was first ousted by BriefMobile toward the end of last week and it immediately produced thoughts of what the Galaxy S III and or HTC One series devices could or should have been. This new LG device carries specs that pretty much all smart phone power users have been drooling over for the last few years! The site first spotted the handset earlier in the month with their sources leaking out some details surrounding specs, name and potential carriers. Fast forward a few days and the LG LS970 aka the Eclipse 4G LTE has become the device in hiding to watch. The newly uncovered LG LS970 is said to pack in all the heartwarming specs any mobile geek could dream of. From the outside in you’ll start with a 4.67 inch WXGA LCD touch screen that measures in at a 1280×768 pixel resolution. Around back a 13 mega pixel camera and flash are found while an incognito front facing 1.3 mega pixel shooter will be available for self portraits and video conferencing. The LS970 is said to measure in at a super thin 8.6mm thin and pack in some amazing power! Internally this new LG super phone is said to be using a seemingly new standard 2100 mAh battery and running on a Qualcomm quad core Krait processor. It measures in at 1.5GHz and is helped along with the power of an Adreno 320 GPU. If true, this new LG handset will indeed be housing above and beyond the best mobile chipset to date. But we all know that GHz is not the end of the line, and LG knows as well. The LS970 Eclipse will also be sporting 16 GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM as found in their recently announced Optimus LTE 2. The product code LS970 is assumed as a tell all for the LG super phones destiny as Sprint’s LG stock all usually starts with LS. According to the source the LG LS970 Eclipse 4G LTE should be making its way to the market place during the fourth quarter of this year!

So anyone interested? Anyone interested in the EVO 4G LTE going to wait a bit to see where this LG Eclipse ends up? I know I will be! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new super phone from LG. Oh and remember the very best most affordable LG accessories are always in stock!

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