LG’s LS860 Cayenne Provides a QWERTY Option to the LG Viper

A lot of talk lately has been putting Sprint, the Now Network in a pretty bad position, subjectively of course. From standard 3G data speed woes, to the lack of existing LTE functionality, yet LTE phones for sale. Other take stabs at the company taking a long risk on the iPhone, which ultimately help bog down their data speed. But if there is one thing that can indeed be said in the carrier’s favor it would be, they know how to offer options! Take the Kyocera Echo for example. It may not be the very best phone in the world, or even appeal to the masses but Sprint gave its user the option. Lately Sprint has been “upping” their game in the choices market with the likes of the LG Viper, Evo LTE 4G, the mystery LG LS970 and now with the likes of the LG LS860, which ironically enough is being assumed as the QWERTY loving cousin of the Viper…see options!

So if you like the prospect of the LG Viper in all its high powered greatness, but cannot let your thumbs give up the likes of a hardware based keyboard, then the LS860 is surely in your corner. Sprint and LG have a long standing relationship that in most all cases produces a model number that starts with LS and ultimately this is where this rumor starts. BriefMobile.com has been leaking all types of LG goodness lately and has stumbled upon this new QWERTY sliding power house. The LG LS860 sports an alias known as the Cayenne and seems to be a variation of the already available LG Viper. Options! The device when slide open sports the most sought after of keyboards, as it shows to sport five rows with the top row being dedicated to numerals. Covering this epic keyboard is surprisingly the same 4 inch WVGA IPS touch screen that can be found on the LG Viper. Internally the Viper DNA is also evident as the leaked information states the Cayenne will sport a dual-core, 1.2GHz S3 chipset. While the specs list pretty much stops there it is known that the new LS860 Cayenne will sport the very latest in Android version 4.0 as well as LTE 4G connectivity. The source, unfortunately did not get any time frames on release or even price, but is should be safely assumed a summer release is in the cards.

So anyone interested? Any Sprint users looking for some high powered QWERTY loving? Looks like you may get your OPTION soon. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember, Sprint accessories, LG accessories, we got you covered.

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