LG Announces their Google Play Edition G-Pad 8.3


LG launches the Google Play Edition G Pad 8.3 tablet! Life is good for LG currently, or so it seems! The company has been on a bit of a run lately, pumping out some rather awesome hardware! In recent memory the G2, G Flex, Nexus 5 and underrated G-Pad have all took center stage for the company and their momentum while competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung.  The G-Pad in particular is an excellent dose of LG. The tablet was launched seemingly out of nowhere and comes packing all sorts of awesomeness. But what if the company’s latest foray into tablets was made into a Google Play edition? How much more awesome could one expect?

A Google Play edition device is for the most part a new segment if you will of the goog’s online hardware offerings. The devices while not Nexus branded are shipped unlocked and unskinned. They offer the Android experience as it was meant to be. Currently Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC’s One and Sony’s Z Ultra have all made their way into play store and ship with Vanilla android. Today marks the first tablet into this exclusive club. The LG G-Pad 8.3 is now available in the play store and will ship for $349.99. If you recall however early in the month a mysterious LG tablet appeared in the headlines garnering attention as being a possible Nexus 8. Unfortunately, the while the new tablet is not a Nexus is indeed the next best thing. The tablet is currently only available in a black coloring and packs in all the excellence found in an original G-Pad it does however drop LG’s UI. The tablet starts with an 8.3 inch IPS 1920×1200 HD touch screen that is built into a super thin 8.3mm housing. Underneath this rather awesome screen is a highly capable 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor that brings Android version 4.4 together with a 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and expandable memory options up to 64 GB. The tablet however at this point is only showing as offered in the 16 GB variation and there’s no word on a 32 GB model or if the tablet will be sold outside of the states.

Anyone interested in the Google Play edition G-Pad 8.3 from LG? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in LG accessories are here.

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