LG to make Google’s Nexus Tablet

If you’re in the market for a new tablet and the iPad just isn’t your cup of tea well then you have some choices, many choices. There are a slew of Android based tablets entering the market as of lately at any price point imaginable. If you’re looking for an Android tablet you may want to hold off for awhile. In a new rumor circulating the interwebs, it looks as if Google and LG will be teaming up to make the Nexus tablet. Nexus is Google’s staple; they use this name to label the devices they have a physical hand in helping develop. The Nexus devices are known for being top of the line and usually shine in the face of its skinned Android cousins. Long story short, the Nexus tablet may be the tablet you have been searching for.

The news of a possible LG centric Nexus Tab comes into the fold via the Russian site mobile-review.com. Narrowing the fields down to LG. HTC with Sense, Motorola off in the fields playing with Xoom and Samsung is still caught in the bowels of trying to directly compete with Apple –or so it seems. The only viable option left would be LG. One of the best selling points on Nexus products would be its vanilla flavoring. Simply put, the manufacturers don’t get to add their skins, and you will never see bloat ware from a carrier on a Nexus product. The only question that remains is why would I want a Nexus tablet over the other Android competition? NFC comes to mind, except it’s hard to believe that NFC alone could persuade potential buyers –at least not where NFC is now. LG has been swinging for the fences in the past few months with the launching of their own line of Optimus devices, so it would be very interesting to see what LG can dream up with the likes of Google helping differentiate the Nexus tablet.

If you’re a diehard Nexus fan, don’t hold your breath on this one as there are no hard facts. The rumors put the potential release of the LG Nexus tablet this summer. That’s surely a short turn around, hopefully if the rumors are true Google and LG are already knee deep in this development. Tell us what you think. Is an LG Nexus based tablet in our future?

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