LG G3 Stylus Spotted in G3 Promotional Video



LG continues on their G3 rampage with a new Stylus based variant! LG and their latest surely greatest smart phone, the G3 is currently taking over the world. The company’s super thin device and unique design is currently a class leading device. But what can make it better? Well, variations of course! In the land of milk and flagships variants are the key to success. Not everyone wants a super sized handset and most flagships start around that size. This however is why companies manufacture Mini variations of their devices, but people are also looking for a bit more utility and functionality out of their device and that’s where the stylus comes in!

While imitation may be the best form of flattery, Samsung has got something going and it looks as if LG is taking a page from their competitors play book. A while back Ol’ Sammy took their very solid Galaxy device and blew it up a few inches added a stylus and some rather awesome stylus based software and began the now infamous Note line up. LG in an early attempt to compete with the Note launched the Vu. Unfortunately the Vu did not fare to well as it attempted to stand on its own. Today however a picture from a very long winded and rather odd LG promotional video shows a new G3 variant next to the previously released G3 Beat and G3. The G3 Stylus! Unfortunately the video tells nothing of the device other than its name and its included stylus. Early last month Phonearena.Com actually sourced some details from LG’s website that named the LG G3 Stylus as the D693 and gave it a qHD touch screen display that would offer up a 540×960 resolution. With a resolution like this many are expecting the device to be more of a mid range phablet and put it in direct contention with the Note 3 Neo as opposed to the full fledged Note. It will be interesting to see however as Samsung’s Note 4 is slated to make an appearance soon.

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