LG Officially Announces the G3 Stylus

LG_G3_Stylus_officialLG announces the G3 Stylus! The G3 has been good to LG! The handset with the rear mounted button set has taken its G series to the next level and now it seems as if LG is getting series about the line up becoming the face of the brand! The original G3 was launched back in May of this year and has slowly become one of the best devices available. Its slim design, unique button design and nearly bezel less screen makes it a very sought after device. But what about its variants! We’ve seen the G3 Beat, the G3 A and the G Vista today the G3 Stylus gets official!

The G3 is for the most part a successful launch for LG. No surprise there as the company has a long history of excellence and the G3 is just another success story for the history books. LG however is not quite done with the G3 design as you would expect. The company has launched G3 variants such as the Beat, Vista and G3 A and now the G3 Stylus gets its official introduction. A while back in an amazingly odd ball promotional video for the G3 a G3 Stylus variant was spotted. Today LG has gone officinal with the G3 Stylus. The G3 Stylus starts with a 5.5 inch qHD touch screen display that offers up a 960×540 resolution at 200 pixels per inch, while underneath the hood we’ll find a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor. Internally you should expect 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of built in storage and expandable micro SD memory. Around back the Stylus comes packing a 13 mega pixel camera while a 1.3 mega pixel sensor can be found up front. Additionally it comes with a rather large 3000 mAh user replaceable battery and will run with Android version 4.4.2 and LG’s latest UI UX. The G3 Stylus, also comes with a…stylus and currently its price point is still under wraps, but don’t expect it to be expensive!

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