The LG G3 Expected to be Announced in June, Released in July!



The LG G3 gets ready for a June announcement followed by a July launch? The LG G series of smart phones has an awesome, albeit short history! The G series of devices while now branded numerically started out back in August of 2012 as the Optimus G. The device while it was ahead of its time was replaced the next year by the properly named Optimus G Pro! That same year, just a few months later LG introduced the game changing, back button device known as the G2. While the reign G Pro is still being sold and is on its second generation this year, the G3 are set to take LG into the next generation.

The LG G2 was first launched back in August of 2013 and as we come up on the devices one year anniversary its successor is getting ready to step into lime light. Earlier this year, back in the mid weeks of January the G3 began to leak. The information gave the G Pro 2 its MWC unveiling and also suggested that the company’s top of the line G3 would launch on May 17th. Additionally these rumors suggested LG would be pushing up the launch of the G3 when compared to the G2 last year as the company needs to have a competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy S5. While initial rumors suggested a May launch date, it would seem that the date to dance has been changed. A new report out of South Korea is suggesting that the G3 will see it’s unveiling sometime in late June and will release early the next month in July. Currently there is not much information surrounding what we can expect from the handset outside of it having a 2560×1440 screen resolution. We would also expect the device to keep its current design language generally speaking and we’d bet the rear mounted button set is still in tow.

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