The LG G2 Get’s Spied with Rear Mounted Volume and Power Buttons

LG-G2Pictures of the unreleased LG G2 appear in the wild! With all the handsets that LG have launched in the last few years it may be hard to keep track of them. With a seemingly endless array of Optimus devices it’s easy to get lost trying to keep up. Recently LG announced and launched the Optimus G Pro as well as a handful of other Optimus smart phones. Recently however rumors of an LG G2 have surfaced again. LG originally produced the G2x back in 2011 but it sounds as if this new G2 is a continuation of the Optimus G series of smart phones. Let’s take a gander at whats known about the new LG G2.

Back in April of this year LG began leaking out details of their upcoming Optimus G2 which was set to bring a “something unique” into the design fold. Original details stated that the new G2 would bring forth such an amazingly thin build its volume rocker buttons would need to be placed on the rear of the phone as its sides could simply not house them. As preposterous as that sounds take a look at the above picture…just look at them! As you can tell @Evleaks has up and done it again and caught some pictures of the G2 from what apparently was a G2 presentation from LG. Just as rumored, a volume rocker can be found on the rear of the device directly under the camera sensor. Original rumors also pointed to the power button of the G2 being placed on the back as well and by the looks of these pictures it seems that it may have found itself between the volume rockers. Additionally, details surrounding the handset give it a 5 inch full HD 1080p touch screen display that sits nicely over a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB of Ram and a 13 mega pixel camera. Earlier reports state that LG is set to announce the new G2 on August 7th in New York.

Anyone interested in such a different device? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about the prospect of the impossibly thin LG Optimus G2. Also, remember that we carry all the very best in LG accessories here.

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