The LG G Vista is Finally Official

LG_G_Vista_OfficialThe LG G Vista gets official with Big Red Verizon! The LG G3 is currently on a roll. The device is selling like hotcakes and impressing anyone that comes near it. The device is so popular that LG has made a few variations of the device including a G3 S aka a G3 Mini. But what would the G3 really be without a carrier like Verizon getting their own special version. The G3 was announced and launched back in May and while we are still waiting on the G3 S to be officially announced it looks as if Verizon actually will beat everyone to the punch with the G Vista!

The LG G Vista first began to leak into the wild back in June. The device was expected to be a G3 Mini variant that would be offered up exclusively to Verizon customers. As time pressed on more leaks all but confirmed this rumor and earlier this week we saw our first semi official release date slated for today July 31, 2014. The big red carrier is well known for postponing device launch dates until the handset becomes outdated, but this time the G Vista was let out of the box. Off contract the G Vista will run you about $400 bucks while on contract you should expect to pay about $100. Announced today the G Vista is ready to ship or be picked up in store. But what can you expect from this mid-ranger? Well it starts with a 5.7 inch touch screen display that offers up a 960×540 resolution. Internally the device will pack in a super sized 3200 mAh battery that will power a quad core 1.2GHz chipset, 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage and expandable micro SD memory. Additionally around back of the Vista we’ll find an 8 mega pixel camera amongst its rear mounted buttons, while a 1.3 mega pixel shooter can be found up front. Lastly the device comes equipped with LTE connectivity and will be running with the likes of Android version 4.4.2.

The LG G Vista is finally official! Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in LG accessories are here.

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