The LG G Vista Slated For A July 31st Launch with Big Red


An internal Verizon document further confirms the LG G Vista’s launch and confirms a few more details from its spec sheet. LG if you couldn’t tell is currently on a world wind tour and its latest and greatest G3 is the main act. As you may know even some of the best acts in the world need openers and the G Vista is set to do the trick…if it ever actual launches. The G3 is the next generation flagship from LG and as you may know will be made into smaller more affordable variants like the G3 Mini, G3 Beat or the G3S. One variant that has been circulating the rumor mill is the G Vista. Today a few more details surrounding the G Vista’s fate have surfaced into the headlines.

The inbound G Vista was first spotted way back in June and rumored to be a G3 Mini variant specifically for big red Verizon. Shortly after its initial leak, details surrounding its launch date surfaced into the headlines. Unfortunately the original information stated the G Vista would launch July 18th. As that day has come and gone without any word of the Vista launching it would seem the Vista may be suffering from the Verizon launch window death grip! Verizon has in the past waited entirely way to long launching new devices, the Lumia Icon is one example. Over the weekend however, new details surrounding the devices launch date have come into the light via an internal Verizon document by way of PocketNow. According to the newly found documents the G Vista will make its self official by July 31st. Additionally the document goes onto breakdown a few of the devices details. These details go on to confirm the device will sport a 5.7 inch touch screen display that will offer up a qHD resolution, a 1.2 GHz quad core processor a super large 3200 mAh battery, XLTE and Android version 4.4.

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