LG G Vista aka G3 Mini Headed To Verizon

LG_G_Vista_verizonThe Verizon bound LG G Vista gets shown off in leaked accessory advert, looks strikingly similar to a G3. LG is currently on a roll with the launch of their latest and greatest G3 device. As talks of LG’s smart watch circulate and a rumored updated G3 with an 805 processor supposedly on the way things are life is indeed looking rather good. Another variation of the G3 however is starting to surface into the headlines and it looks like it will be an exclusive to big red.

About a week ago @Evleaks pushed out some details surrounding a new unreleased LG device. According to the leak the phone was known as the LG G Vista or also known as the VS880. While the name and model number of the device had many scratching their heads, the broad assumption surrounding the model number is this new handset would be a G3 mini of sorts. Last year the G2 model number while on Verizon shelves was the VS980 and this year’s G3 flagship carries a model number of VS985. This new picture of the G Vista however just adds a bit more confusion into the mix as the G Vista pictured looks exactly like a G3. The shape and rear button set design of this here pictured device sure does look like a G3 and its splash screen is even the same. So is it a G3 with a special Verizon renaming? Probably not! A user agent profile for the VS880 has also been located and gives it a meager 720p touch screen display which by in large disqualifies it as a fully fledged G3 which is slated to ship with a 1440×2560 resolution. While the verdict on what exactly the G Vista is, is still out it may be safe to assume it is a renamed G3 Mini bound for the bandwidth Verizon provides. If this device finds its way back into headlines we’ll be sure to update you, but don’t be surprised to see the Vista appear again in the wild before its official announcement.

Anyone interested in a G3 variant with a 720p screen? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in LG accessories are here.

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