Is the LG G Stylus Set to Replace the Optimus VU Series?

LG_G_StylusIs the LG G Stylus device set to take over for the wildly unpopular Optimus Vu? There comes a point in ever phones life where it becomes solidified as a solid option or it becomes obsolete and ultimately replaced by something different. Today news from upon high has come down and suggests the Optimus Vu line of LG made phablets may be getting replaced with the likes of a device known simply as the G Stylus.

The oversized smart phones have become for the most part, dominate flagship devices. Recent handsets like the LG G3, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 all come with touch screens that measure in at five inches or more. There was once a time when this would have seemed ludicrous. Luckily, the Galaxy Note and its class establishing breed changed that. Right around the time Samsung launched their Note, LG took to the streets as well with a rather wide Optimus Vu. Unfortunately for Life’s Good the Note prevailed in the phablet sector. Today however news of the Vu being revitalized is hitting the headlines. A leak from the infamous @Evleaks has hit wire this morning and suggests this new device known simply as the LG G Stylus will be replacing the rather unpopular Optimus Vu. Unfortunately for us details about this device are missing in action. The name sake however does suggest the device will ship with some sort of stylus and if it is set to compete with the Note 4 we would expect its spec sheet to be rather impressive. Let’s hope for LG’s sake it can compete and it does ship with a stylus as it was one of those small details missing from the Vu that may have helped it become a bit more popular.

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