LG G Pro 2 Ready for its Debut February 13th?


LG’s G Pro 2 gets one step closer to release as details surrounding an LG even surface. You may have once known the LG G Pro as the Optimus G Pro, however a name change is in the works for the second generation of the device. Alongside other LG smart phones including the G Flex, the Nexus 5 and G2 the next generation G Pro 2 is gearing up to join the flagship ranks of companies arsenal. Details surrounding the companies launch plans and a few specifics about the devices speaker system have hit the headlines while further raising the anticipation.

A while back rumors surrounding the G Pro 2 began leaking out into the wild. True to LG’s form the company actually addressed the rumors and confirmed the G Pro 2’s existence and gave the world around about time frame as when to expect the new smart phone. Since then LG has been quietly letting small tidbits about the device leak out into the wild. This morning however it seems that we have an official announcement date for the device. Korean media outlets have been receiving invites from LG to an event for February 13th. When LG initially stated the device would see a February launch, most anyone paying attention assumed the company would use the rather visible MWC event to announce its new flagship. The event invitation however makes no mention or shares no secret clues as what the company will actually be announcing, so for all intents and purposes the G Pro 2 may not see daylight come next Thursday. The invite however does make mention of the companies ‘knock on’ feature that allows users to wake their device with a simple knock on its screen. Additionally new information surrounding the G Pro 2’s speakers has surfaced into the headlines thanks to Phonearena.com. Information from Korean news outlets is reporting the new smart phone will come packing 1W speakers and are said to be the most powerful to have ever been put on a phone. Additionally the information goes on to state the handset will come with bass boosting and will ultimately produce the best audio output found on any handheld out there. Details suggest the new audio system will be 30% “stronger” then the first generation Optimus G Pro. Furthermore the phone will come equipped with a Smart Listening App that will allow users to control the devices output. Smartphone speakers generally speaking are in need of some performance upgrades so hopefully this rumor stays true. The G Pro 2 is shaping up rather nicely; do you think we’ll see it in its final form next week?

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