Press Renderings of LG G Flex Show At&t and T-Mobile Variations


Renderings of At&t and T-Mobile bound LG G Flex appear in the wild! Remember the curved displays that Samsung and LG were cooking up to change the face of mobile computing? Curved devices have been seen in the past with the likes of Galaxy Nexus and a handful of other handsets. Previous devices that touted a curved build however were made simply of curved glass. The new LG G Flex on the other hand puts a permanent bend in the actual LCD.  Back in October word surrounding LG’s plans to produce a curved smart phone trickled down through the headlines alongside news of Samsungs Galaxy Round.

The LG G Flex has found itself in the headlines once again and it looks as if the device may finally be making its way stateside! The G Flex was announced and made official back on October 28th, shortly after its announcement somewhere in early December the device began its world tour by going up for sale in specific markets in Asia.  The announcement came alongside additional details that the device would launch in other regions “soon”. A few weeks’ later renderings of the LG G Flex appeared showing off its Sprint build. Today the legendary Evleaks has gotten their paws on two renderings of the LG G Flex that show the device is headed to T-Mobile and At&t. Unfortunately, the pictures are the only new information, however looking at the dates on the screen shots may lead us to a potential launch window? The T-Mobile device shows a February 12th date while the Sprint version of the rendering showed February 7th. The At&t variation shows off a March 17th date. While none of these dates can be confirmed as anything important they do sound like reasonable time frames for the device to launch. The G Flex if you don’t remember is an 6 inch device that uses a P-OLED touch screen at 720×1280. It comes with a 13 mega pixel camera, runs with the likes of Android version 4.2 and gets its go from a Snapdragon 800 processor. The rear of the device has self healing paint and all the bells and whistles one could need. In a word, the G Flex is awesome!

Anyone thinking of picking up an LG G Flex? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the G Flex coming to America. Also, remember no matter which device you use be sure to check out all the very best in LG accessories today.

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