LG Enlighten Accessories for those Protected and Charged Moment’s of Zen

 LG is known for making high quality electronics, including TV’s, refrigerators and yes some of the best mobile phones known to man! The LG Enlighten is no different. This entry level Android based smart phone is also known as the VS700 and at one point was almost desert under the Gelato moniker. We now know it as the LG Enlighten and it is an impressive little smart phone that my need some extra attention with the very best Enlighten accessories available. With our huge and ever growing inventory you can surely keep your new smart phone safe, sound, charged and ready when you are.

Check out our huge array of LG Enlighten case options and you will easily be able to keep your phone safe and express your style in one. Take this excellent Barely There case option by Case-Mate for example. Available in a matte Pink or Black this ultra light weight case option can surely keep your phone in one piece day in and day out. For maximum protection however this LG Enlighten Body Glove case comes through in the clutch. This ultimate protective case by Body Glove also offers up a carrying solution with its optional belt clip. This clip can also be used as a kickstand option for that perfect viewing angle. If those options are too bland for your tastes, check out our many others uniquely designed cases like this LG Enlighten Spring Flowers case and many others. With the ultimate selection keeping your LG Enlighten safe is easy.

Power and syncing is the next key to keeping your new smart phone ready at the helm, and it has never been easier with our many chargers, batteries, syncing cables and more. With extra abilities comes a bit more power needed. With this LG Enlighten extended battery from Monaco trips to the charger will be cut in half. While this extended battery does indeed add a bit of bulk to your Enlighten you can rest assured that the power you need is always there. When it’s time to charge your LG Enlighten we have you covered as well with many Enlighten car chargers and home chargers. Take this Verizon original dual USB car charger for example. With this perfect car charger you can keep your LG Enlighten ready as well as an additional USB powered mobile device. With an endless selection of LG Travel chargers as well as internationally compatible LG travel chargers you can easily keep your phone ready at all times.  

With our huge and ever growing selection of LG Enlighten accessories you can keep your new smart phone protected and ready when you are with ease. Check out our accessory options today!

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