The LG Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 Teases Its Rear End for Salivating Onlookers

With the likes of the LG Viper 4G LTE, the Optimus Elite, the LG Lucid, the Optimus Vu and the ever powerful LG Optimus 4X HD ready to release or currently on the market you may think LG has outdone themselves. All of these smart phones are particularly powerful, responsive and can surely keep up with the big dogs, but another LG device is waiting in the wings to dominate the smart phone sector. Earlier this week the world was introduced to the likes of the LG LS970. This super phone is here to take over the world and all your bases! New details and a not so blurry picture of the actual device have surfaced to the interwebs to give us no time to wipe the drool from our faces.

When you think of LG you may not think super smart phone and that’s completely understandable. Most devices LG has released in the past have been up to par with the current standings from their competitors but never really reached any further. With the LG LS970, it looks like LG will be taking the smart phone standard up a tier or two with this new unofficial handset. BriefMobile.Com who initially leaked the details and first picture of the mystery device has up and done it again, this time they coaxed the new unofficial handset to show off what’s under its outer skin. So what did they find? Well, nothing to exciting. The newly unearthed picture further confirms a few points that were initially leaked. The LG Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 will indeed pack in a super large 2100 mAh battery and the likes of NFC connectivity. Two details of which really come as no surprise to anyone. NFC is a rising wireless connectivity technology that Sprint (the Eclipse’s assumed future home) is fully embracing alongside Google and their magical wallet application. The battery, well it’s really a given at this point. This time last year most high powered smart phones ran with batteries that measured in anywhere between 1300 to 1500 mAh, as the power and potential rise, so will the lithium ion cells that runs these epic machines.  So, what else should you expect from the new Eclipse 4G LTE? Well, a touch of excellence and blast of awesome! The LG Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 starts with a 4.67 inch WXGA LCD touch screen display that will provide its users with an amazing 1280×768 pixel resolution. Another good reason why a 2k + mAh battery is needed. It only gets better as you delve a bit further into the handset. It is said to run with the likes of Android version 4.0 and of course come skinned with LG’s latest in UI experience. Its uses a Qualcomm quad core S4 chip set that clocks in at 1.5 GHz and is backed up by the likes of an Adreno 320 GPU. Add in 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and a 13 mega pixel camera and you get a better idea on how awesome this new Eclipse 4G LTE LS970 really is.

So does this new picture or confirmation of NFC and that super large battery make anyone a bit more intrigued? As a Sprint customer I know I sure am.  Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new LG handset and what you would change on it. Oh and LG Accessories galore! Check em’ out!

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