LG E900 WP7 Device videoed in the wild


The release of the anticipated WP7 is seemingly upon us. In the past few weeks, there have been multiple WP7 “leaks” from pretty much all of the OEM’s that will be manufacturing the devices for Microsoft. Today is no exception as the LG E900 makes its blurry cam debut.

LG, Dell, Asus, HTC, and Samsung are all on the list of manufacturers for the new WP7 devices. At the end of last week LG‘s C900 was exposed in picture form showing off the highly recognizable Microsoft logo and full slide out QWERTY keypad. Today however brings us a video of the LG C900 in all its blurry cam glory. With the full slide out QWERTY missing from the package it looks like this E900 is extremely thin. The new E900 shows off some features within this video, however there is no audio included so it is hard to say if the maker of the video knows any specs on the E900. But simply looking at it we can tell it is obviously a WP7 device, from the boot up screen to the Windows logo smack dab in the middle of the device as well as two “quick” keys on either side of the home button. The three button design on the bottom row is one of the prerequisites that need to be found on WP7 devices, set out by Microsoft in the planning of their new mobile project.

Now there’s not much to go on in regard to the details of this model, however, from the blurry cam video it looks to be a nice design from LG. There are also rumors circulating that this E900 could very well be the “European” version of the made for America C900, or vice versa, or verse vica, depending on how you’re looking at it.

Tell us what you think of the new E900, just try not to watch too much of the video as it ensues headaches due to its blurriness.


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