LG’s DoublePlay becomes official and is ready to change texting forever

In recent memory it seems that we have gotten the shaft on envelope pushing designs. Think about it, it’s either a horizontal sliding QWERTY with a huge screen, or just a huge screen. Not that I’m complaining as I surely love my slate styled monster phone, I just seem to miss the days of “Yea, it’s a crazy design, but let’s run with it”. When I first caught a glimpse of what is now being called the LG DoublePlay, it felt good. Not good where I would trade in my EVO for it, but lets just say it put a smile on my face.
The LG DoublePlay was first spotted back in June by Pocket-Lint and the mysterious device had everyone that caught a glance interested. When the device is closed at first glance, it looks like a simply touch screen device, get a bit closer and you’ll notice it’s a horizontal slider. Slide it open and your imagination runs wild. When opened this new LG DoublePlay exposes a split keyboard that is separated by a 2 inch internal screen. This internal screen is touchy and can work on its own or together with the 3.5 inch touch screen topside. The physical keyboard on the DoublePlay, in case you have had no time on a tablet in horizontal mode is all thumbs. Think about the QWERTY on a Blackberry. But not only do you get awesome texting with the physical buttons, the LG DoublePlay comes equipped with Swype preinstalled. Internally this little bad boy packs a punch as well. It sports a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that lets the likes of Android 2.3 run smooth as butter. Traveling to its backside you’ll see a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash that is capable of recording video in 720p HD. You can also expect all the standards from a smart phone including expandable microSD or SDHC memory, Bluetooth and microUSB connectivity. The press release states the DoublePlay is set to “Raises The Stakes At The 2011 LG U.S. National Texting Championship”, which takes place on the 26th of October. It may be a safe bet to expect the DoublePlay shortly thereafter, or say the 11th at $150 bucks, as a leaked road map of T-Mo’s future line suggested earlier this month. Whenever it release and however much it may cost it will be interesting to see what developers can do with its dual screen technology.
Interested in the LG DoublePlay? Sound off in the comments below and let us know if this will be your new phone. Oh and by the way, we carry all the best LG accessories.

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