LG Confirms the G Pro 2 for February Launch



LG confirms the G Pro 2 exists and will get its formal announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona come February. LG, believe it or not has been on a roll for a while now with the likes of Optimus domination alongside their Nexus ventures and the forth coming G Flex. All of their hard work has proven successful as the company has also posted their 2013 earnings. Life is Good for LG in the mobile department and it looks as if a proven successful LG made handset is making a comeback. The LG G Pro 2 is on its way!

February will mark the year anniversary of the LG Optimus G Pro which means as a year has passed it is time for a next generation G Pro! Rumors surrounding the next generation G Pro began surfacing not too long ago and today LG confirmed the gossip! Just a few short days ago the G Pro 2 found its way into headlines backed by some juicy rumors out of South Korea. The details gave the new handsets a 5.9 inch 2560×1440 touch screen a quad core Qualcomm made Snapdragon 800 processor, 3 GB of RAM as well as LTE-A connectivity. Additionally the device was said to be running with Android version 4.4 out of the gate. Alternative rumors gave the G Pro 2 a 6 inch 1080p HD touch screen. While the rumors have simmered and the speculation has painted a picture LG has officially interjected a few bits of information surrounding the device. Officially the handset will be called the G Pro 2 and is expected to be rather successful selling over 1 million units at least four months after its domestic release. The information goes on to state that the handset will be announced sometime in February. It may be safe to assume an MWC launch. Unfortunately the company left us guessing as to the rest of the phones particulars so it’s just a waiting game for now.

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