LG Announces the VU 3



LG announces their next generation phablet, with the VU 3! LG and just about any other company that is interested in selling mobile devices have created what some call a phablet. This is basically a LG_VU_3_1combination of a small tablet, in phone form. Samsung’s Galaxy Note has and continues to set the bar for this category and LG looks like they still want a piece of the pie. Back in February of last year LG launched the Optimus Vu. The VU while slightly competitive here stateside became the LG Intuition when reaching the shelves of Verizon. Shortly thereafter in September of 2012 LG launched its next generation VU, properly named the LG VU II. Recently the company is embarking on their next generation VU expectedly named the LG VU III.

The LG VU 3 is much of the same when looking back of previous iterations of the handset, but that’s not stopping LG as improvements have indeed been made! The next generation VU showed face for just a bit earlier this month when LG published pictures of the device showing off semi transparent ‘QuickView’ cases. A notable difference between the devices…the VU is no longer an Optimus and branded simply as the VU 3. The VU 3 starts with a 5.2 inch IPS touch screen display that offers up a 1280×960 pixel resolution and a similar aspect ratio of 4:3. While all the specs on the VU 3 have yet to be confirmed, the device is known to come running a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 800 processor, and house a 13 mega pixel camera with HD video recording capabilities. It comes with 4G LTE connectivity, as well as a built in stylus. The VU 3 also comes with a host of different software features built into Android…version unknown. Currently there is no word on a launch window or a price point, but expect the VU 3 to make its debut in Korea and slowly make its way stateside.

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