LG Announces the G Pro 2


The LG G Pro 2 gets official! Once known as the Optimus G Pro the LG made smart phone is one for the books. The super thin device was the first to place its button set on the rear of the phone, thus allowing for a super thin build and less bezel. The second generation Optimus G Pro has been the topic of some awesome speculation, a host of excellent rumors and a slew of internal leaks. All of the unknowns however were put to rest yesterday as LG has made the G Pro 2 official.

The LG G Pro 2 is the next generation of the wildly awesome G Pro series of handsets from the manufacturer. After months of wild rumors and seemingly aimless speculation, the G Pro 2 is now official. Earlier this month LG began sending out invitations to Korean news outlets that would mark the even in which the G Pro 2 would be announced. As expected, the G Pro 2 is now official…in Korea. The press event unfortunately however left out a few important details however specifics surrounding the actual launch dates and markets were picked up by ZDNet Korea. The news outlet was told by LG’s Head of Sales for Korea that the device would become available in its native country this month and will make its way into other Asian markets in March. When asked about U.S. or European markets, the executive stated they would release the handset after the Asian rollout. This, in a nutshell folks basically means we should not expect the G Pro 2 until at least April. So what can you expect from the G Pro 2? The device starts with a 5.9 inch full 1080p HD IPS touch screen panel that is built into a super thin 8.3mm housing. The screen gives its end users access to Android version 4.4 and allows for some awesome color reproduction with 373 pixels per inch. Underneath the screen we’ll find a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 800 system chip that packs in a quad core 2.2 GHz processor, a unnamed GPU, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of built in storage and expandable micro SD memory. Around back amongst the buttons, you’ll find a 13 mega pixel camera with LED flash, and video recording capabilities up 4K resolution. Additionally, the handset uses a 3200 mAh battery to keep it all running. The G Pro 2 also packs in LTE-A, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-fi, micro USB and NFC connectivity.

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