LG Ramping up production set to push up to 10 new devices this year

LG has been put through the ringer lately with their lack of flagship or super phones. While we all know that LG has been in the game for years, it seems as of lately that they are mostly concerned with the larger demographic of the mobile industry. The demographic you ask? Check out your little sister’s texting machine or the device your mother or father simply cannot wrap their heads around there is a good chance it has an LG logo on it.

But LG with a new WP7 contract under their belt has just announced to the world that they will be attempting to bring their name back to the forefront of the mobile industry. The Korean based manufacturer will be ramping up their production and will be launching up to 10 new smartphones by the year’s end. According to a report filed by WSJ, LG is essentially “stepping it up”. With the launch of 10 new devices onto the market LG is apparently expecting to sell around 5 million devices in the same time frame.  A recent higher end Optimus Z has launched in Korea and a new lower end Optimus One will be launching sometime in September under a whopping 120 carriers worldwide. LG has also stated that they will soon be entering the famed “tablet wars” sometime within Q4 of this year. The LG tablet will be running Android’s operating system and “It’s going to be surprisingly productive,” according to Chang Ma who is the vice president of marketing for LG’s mobile division.

But the question remains the same, can LG deliver? We know that LG has the manufacturing power to pump out 30 phones by the end of the year, but will these 10 devices by year’s end have any staying power.  With the report also stating that LG will be incorporating dual-core Tegra processors, it looks like they very well could.

You be the judge, will LG “BRING IT” or will there large attempt end in a small catastrophe.

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