The Lenovo K2 brings Dual-Core’s and Android to China

In the past few weeks and months we have seen many new products emerge from the Lenovo family of computing devices. Most recently the company has held an event in  Beijing showing off some new smart phones, including the huge 5 inch LePad S2005 “tabletphone”. With devices like the Dell Streak and Galaxy Note, the lines on how small or large a smart phone should be are surely fading. As Lenovo is launching new devices, including the LePhone S760, rhe LePhone S2, the LePad tablet phone as well as an Windows Phone 7 device it looks like they are gearing up for a good year in the mobile sector. The LePhone K2 however is the latest Android from the company and it’s looking pretty good.

Lenovo announced the LePhone K2 today to the surprise of anyone actually paying attention. On the heels of the LePad S2005 tablet phone it’s good to know Lenovo is pushing out some pretty impressive ‘regular’ phones. The K2 is the latest addition to the LePhone line up. While it does fit within the size range of high end smart phones can it produce a satisfactory result? Well the verdict on that may be out for some time; however its spec listing is quite impressive. The LePhone K2 screen measures in at 4.3 inches and provides for a whole lot of real estate to the end user. The screen is said to be an IPS screen by technical merit, however official resolution on the device has yet to be confirmed. Would it be safe to assume at least a 720p resolution? I think so. Additionally the Lenovo LePhone K2 in its present state runs with the power of Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread. While the verdict is still out on release dates of the device the expectancy for an Ice Cream Sandwich update before launch is pretty high. Internally no matter what the OS is the LePhone K2 can run. It sports a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor that is backed by 1GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM. Out back the K2 sports an 8 mega pixel camera that can record video in 1080p HD. No mention on a front facing shooter, but video conferencing is over rated anyway. The Lenovo LePhone K2 was shown off in China today and does not come with a price or time frame surrounding its release. Seems like one we’ll never see here stateside, unless Lenovo gets courageous of course.

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