Legends never die: Google’s Nexus One still alive, at least for developers that is

A few weeks back Google announced they would be removing there legendary Nexus One off of the consumer market. This was a sad day indeed. The announcement came out basically saying, hey when the next shipment is gone, the N1 will be no more. The turnaround on that last shipment was like hot cakes on a Saturday morning.

The Google Nexus One is arguably one of the best mobile phones ever to hit the market. The flagship device was used to show the world the true power of the Android operating system, and is still running at high demand until this day. As the Nexus One is no longer available for consumption by everyday users, it seems that Google understands the staying power of the device and obviously recognize its ability to set the Android bench mark from here on out. If you remember correctly when updates are planned to hit Android’s OS, the go to Nexus One users first, makes sense as again flagships get perks like that. So if you are a searching for a Nexus One now and “Craigsbay” isn’t turning up any luck, you can pack the wife and kids and move to Europe or Korea as Vodafone and KT are currently still selling the model.

Today Google has posted a short and to the point posting on their blog about the beloved Nexus One. The post states that the Nexus One is now the new ‘developer’ phone for the Android operating system. The N1 will only be available to those that are registered developers. Keep in mind that the developer registration is about 25 bucks, but the cost of the phone, well $529. Google goes on to state that the developer N1 will ship with Android version 2.1 and will update to Froyo or 2.2 just about as soon as you turn it on. Specs on the model are presumably limiting its bandwidth to the T-Mobile 3G spectrum. However, it is good to see Google at least somewhat revive this never forgotten legend!

So will you be picking up the Nexus One?

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