Leaked Froyo update for HTC Incredible users


At this point when searching the depths of any high end Android phone you will most likely come across an Android 2.2 build. But this is not the case when looking at a Verizon’ HTC Incredible. While there are a few newer models that are in line waiting for the update, it is hard to believe that the Incredible has not received its Froyo goodness. When seeing this news this morning, I truly thought to myself “the Incredible didn’t get Froyo’ed yet?” What gives?

The HTC Incredible has been on the streets since April and in that time we have seen the stock levels on the unit slip into nothingness, only to be replenished and sit on shelves and collect dust. The HTC Incredible runs some pretty impressive stats as well; a simple refresher reminds us that the 480 x 800 3.7 inch Capacitive, Multi-touch, AMOLED, 1GHz processor, is indeed a Incredible device. Only problem is the Droid Incredible runs Android OS 2.1. That’s not to say that that 2.1 is not a good build, it’s just outdated.

Yesterday AndroidCentral brought the interwebs some leak news that put a Froyo build for the Incredible on 9/1. This was later debunked by the same source who initiated the rumor. However, this morning brings good news to the savvy Incredible user. You can get the unofficial Froyo update via Shipped-Roms.Com. Shipped ROMs has the Froyo goodness posted here; shipped-roms.com/shipped/Incredible/, while

So Incredible users sound off and let us know –Why you mad! – Or you can simply install this version of the update and move on with your life. From what I under

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