New Launch Date Rumors Surround the HTC One Max


The HTC One Max appears in the wild again touting release date rumors! The HTC One was the start of something new for HTC. A reinvention if you will. The One is the spawn of the companies’ new flagship. Apple as the iPhone, Samsung has Galaxies, Nokia Lumia’s and HTC’s has their One series handsets. After the launch and nominal success of the One, the company moved forward with the One Mini, the last to fill out the lineup is the highly leaked and ever anticipated HTC One Max. The Max has made its way into the headlines multiple times in the past few months, but today it seems as if there is some further clarification as to when the world will be able to see HTC first phablet device.

The last bit of news surrounding the One Max showed the device making its way through Chinese certification. Simply put, the Max was undergoing some poking and prodding to ensure it was compliant with laws and regulations of the country. Similarly, devices sold here stateside go through the halls of the FCC before they are allowed to be sold here. With that said, this is usually a big indicator that device will be launching soon. Today a new rumor seems to strengthen that assumption. A few new announcement dates have surfaced to the top of the rumor mill, but share different dates. With that in mind, it may be safe to believe the One Max will launch mid October, in at least some parts of the world. According to an account on Weibo, aka China’s version of Twitter the device will be announced on October 15th. An additional date of October 17th has been proposed on a distinguished Taiwanese forum.  While the dates are slightly off it is currently thought that the dates would reflect launches per the country they have originated from. While only time will confirm or dismiss these rumors, additional “mumblings’ about the handset five the device a Chinese price point that would translate into about $816 bucks and a Taiwanese price point of about $809 dollars, or NT$23,900. So, a bit more speculation, a bit more rumor and a day closer to an oversized HTC One with a fingerprint scanner!

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