Kobo Android Reader Available Today

The company behind one of the best services for e-readers has officially launched their application for Android phones.  Kobo’s services makes browsing and downloading your favorite reads as simple as a Sunday morning.

With the launch of Kobos new application for Android phones, it seems that reading on the move has just become that much easier. No need for large E-readers as Kobo’s new application will put the books you love right in the device you will never leave home without, your phone. So it seems that we have a winner in the race amongst the first to e-books on your phone, Kobo has beat the likes of Amazon to the punch and will run with the flag just as long as they can. Kobo’s service has been around for some time now, if you have already established an account with them you will be able to simply log into your account with the Android application and view any books or media that you have already purchased through the company. The application will function just as it does on any other device where you will be able to purchase and download new books on the fly and read them from any device that has the application installed. Kobo’s service supports over 2 million e-titles and some of these titles are actually free for your reading pleasure. An excerpt from Kobo’s CEO states they have taken “features our customers love and expect” and put them in the hands of Android enabled smart phones.

The application is available at Kobo’s website for download, and it will cost you nothing.

Are you an E-Reader, tell us what you think about the new Kobo application

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