Microsofts Kin officially discontinued

A few weeks ago the death of the Microsoft Kin line seemed imminent, with its OS and development being pushed to the WP7 corner of Microsoft’s offices. Today marks an official wake for the Microsoft Kin line as Verizon will no longer be carrying this model.

Verizon confirmed the death of the Kin via Engadget, claiming that the Kin line will be discontinued from the phones offered through Big Red. This does not come as a real surprise to anyone following the issue, as the low sales and internal Microsoft turmoil made this a reality almost out of the gate. The actual numbers on Kin’s sold is unknown at this point however, a registered 9,341 Kin’s are actively in use on Facebook. So just a mere 3 months after its release the Kin is officially in the wind. The confirmation via Engadget also states that this removal of the device will not affect any of the nine thousand Kin owners as service and support will still be offered. Microsoft will also be continuing to operate the services that are needed in order for the Kin to function, however due to the low numbers of units sold it is hard to tell exactly when this support will fall off.

The death of the Microsoft Kin as stated before does not come as a real surprise to anyone in the loop (pun intended). However the end of the line for the Kin does indeed present some good news. What is the good news? Well with the bastard step child out of the picture Microsoft can focus their attention on WP7, which is becoming more and more impressive as time goes by.

With many issues surrounding the Kin, many say that the death of the Kin is a mixture of Verizon’s placement of the unit within their coverage as well as Microsoft’s internal turmoil making the Kin fall off of the map.

The Microsoft Kin had a narrowed target market and outside of all the drama the Kin’s could have taken this market to oblivion. But unfortunately the powers that be will not let this happen, and the life of Microsoft’s Kin has officially been expired.

RIP Kin, it’s been fun.

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