Want a Keyboard for your iPhone 4? Here’s One


The iPhone 4 is a beautiful piece of hardware, however, many are still grumpy that it—like the rest of the iOS family—lacks a physical keyboard. Never fear, that’s what third party accessory companies are for. The Nuu Mini Key is still in the prototype stage, but it has something that those who hate to type on a touchscreen will like. Sporting a slide-out physical keyboard that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone 4, the Nuu Mini Key also doubles as a case.

The biggest flaw in it from what I have been able to deduce is that it only works in landscape orientation (okay, I admit, I kind of like the BlackBerry Torch’s keyboard) but it is better than nothing. Typing long documents on an iOS touchscreen is a real pain in the neck, so I am sure that if this thing actually goes on sale in the future, it will be popular among those who need to do actual work on their iPhone 4. No more need to lug around the laptop folks.

The keyboard was shown off this past weekend at the IFA show in Berlin and no confirmation yet has been made as to when or if it will go on sale. However, it is nice to know that ingenious accessory designers are thinking of us.

If you are wanting an easy to carry keyboard for your iPad, then you are also in luck. Called the BL-BKB76 right now but probably going to be sold as the ‘KeyCase iPad Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard,’ the case/keyboard combo for the iPad is sleek and sexy. It already passed FCC testing last month so expect to see these popping up anytime now. The company manufacturing it is boasting 90 hours of continuous usage off of a single charge and 100 days of standby time, so you will not have to worry about it dying when you are on the train and trying to finish up something for a tight deadline.

The coolest thing about this case is that it actually holds the iPad upright like a laptop screen. It also charges using the same USB adapter as iOS devices, so you won’t have to lug around an extra cable just to charge it.

There are a lot of other similar products coming out also, so if you really want a physical keyboard, don’t fret. Help is on the way.


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