Julie Brown v. Google – equals another waste of everyone’s time

Ok folks so recently a group of savvy researchers wanted to take a set of data and make it visual. These researchers ended up finding an amazing amount of cached location information within there iPhone. The information was then turned into a nifty little application and the whole world panicked over something they never really second guessed. As you could imagine the flood gates opened and the world was in awe that Apple would do such a thing. Now before you begin to flame on me, Apple has recognized that the way iOS 4 was saving the data was indeed a bug and will be fixed with a pending update. So now that the cat is out of the bag average consumers are up in arms and lawsuits in Apple and Google’s direction are flying left and right. Don’t put it down and go back to a feature or dumb phone? No of course lets sue for something we agreed to – it’s the American way right.

So shortly after the iLocateyou scandal broke, the trusty Wall Street Journal took the time to remind the rest of the world that Google was doing the same thing, that thing of course is storing location data for future connection purposes. Google has publically mentioned this issue recently and in the past that location sharing is an opt-in situation – YOU AGREE – to let the phone log this information when you first turn it on. With that in mind Google’s location log is also anonymous and oh yea – opt in. So with that in mind I say only in America could two Oakland County Michigan residents filed a lawsuit against Google for this logging of information. The class action suit was filed with the District Court in Eastern Detroit and is seeking to stop Google from saving this information and oh yea because they have it $50 million dollars in – I can’t even say it – damages. The argument of this class action lawsuit is that the level of which Google tracks these geniuses Inspire 4G’s would normally deem a warrant, while that I might agree with the user agreeing to such ‘tracking’ is more justified then any warrant could ever be.  

The way I see it is they are not tracking you, they are tracking the equipment they sold to you to which in turn makes it better for you. Personally I love the fact that my phone knows local hotspots I have attached too, I love the fact my phone knows where the best local cell tower is and this is also the reason I happily agree to this option when setting up my Android. So ‘goog’ luck Julie Brown, and when all is said and done go get yourself a dumb phone.

This frenzy over location information seems stale and a good way for the likes of these plaintiffs to try and get some money out of a large company, only problem is they would have a better chance slipping on the floor a their local grocery store. On a positive side, the rulings and details of these pending cases (there’s on going Apples way as well) will potentially shed some light on these logs and potentially make our phones even better in the future. Let me know what you think of this legal BS and how it affects you.

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