Jailbreak for iOS 4.1—Sort of

An iOS 4.x jailbreak has arrived finally. Well, sort of. It only works on the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation. Basically, this is the same hack method that has been used to jailbreak iOS since the very early days. Due to the security loopholes in these older devices, the hack still works. It has been patched in newer models so don’t go running off an updating your new iPhone 4 yet to iOS 4.1 just yet if a jailbreak is something you want. Also, even if you have a compatible device, you should be wary, as the ultrasn0w carrier unlock will be possibly disabled forever. (The jailbreak requires you to update to the official iOS 4.1 release, which overwrites your baseband.)

Okay, this is not that new exploit that has been discovered. And only a beta version of Mac OS has been released yet. Windows users are out of luck so far. However, a Windows version is in the works.

The maker of this jailbreak—Dev-Team—is promising more compatibility in the near future. Hey now, just be happy they even released this so early in its development. Major thanks to those brave hackers who keep the iOS jailbreaking/unlock scene alive despite Apple’s constant attempts to stop them. Other jailbreaks should be coming out soon too. Oh, and unlocks as well. Just wait a little longer guys and girls. That iOS device you love so much will be running around jailbroken and unlocked very soon with the shiny new iOS 4.1.

As the Cydia App Store grows in size and popularity (they just bought rival Rock), Apple will come under more pressure. In fact, Apple has already started loosening its guidelines to get apps approved for the iTunes store. While we all wait for the release version of this and the other exploit being worked on, let me know if you’ve ever jailbroken or unlocked an iOS device you have owned. Like it? Going to do it with your new iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4?

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