Streaming iTunes to Your iPhone: Not as Farfetched as You Might Think

BoyGeniusReport is citing anonymous but “reliable” sources that claim that Apple is planning on offering streaming services through its iTunes store and wireless synchronization between your iOS powered devices and PC. NetworkWorld claims that the most likely date for the new features to roll out will be sometime in September. No word yet on pricing, or if the service will work via 3G (not likely on AT&T’s current network) though.

What does this all mean for Apple and users of its iOS-powered devices? A heck of a lot. If Apple decides to start a service that is either advertisement supported or uses a flat user fee per month then Hulu Plus will have some serious competition. The hubbub about Apple’s decision to snub Adobe’s Flash software might die down too. Google is most likely planning a similar service in the future for devices that run its Android OS, so the war between the two companies will only heat up more.

The sync features between iOS devices and iTunes will be greatly appreciated, as there really is no reason for me to have to *gasp* plug my iPhone into my computer to transfer my contacts, apps, calendars and pictures back and forth. Welcome to a completely wireless world folks. Now if in the next ten years or so we can finally perfect the wireless delivery of electricity as my electrical engineering friends are always clamoring about, we will be able to finally throw away all of our cables. As more news about the next update to Apple’s iTunes rolls out, I will keep you informed and my fingers crossed.

Think Apple will really let us stream music and video to our devices? Think iTunes will become the Hulu killer? Do you even use iTunes? Would you if it gets streaming abilities? Shout out and let us know what you think.

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