New iTunes, Mac OS X and iOS 4.2 All Arriving This Week

Apple’s coming iOS 4.2 update didn’t come out on the 7th like we hoped was the case but according to a source inside AT&T, the newest version of iOS will hit the internet at 10 AM PST on November 12th. The source, who contacted GizmoCrunch went on to claim that iTunes 10.1 and Mac OS X 10.6.5 will be released today. I haven’t seen the new iTunes online yet and the newest version of Mac OS X ‘Snow Leopard’ hasn’t shown up but there is still plenty of time in the day left so keep your fingers crossed.

The information matches previous rumors this week that iOS 4.2 will hit iTunes on Friday (12/11/10). Mac OS 10.6.5 Snow Leopard was already sent to select developers on Monday and the final beta build of iOS 4.2 has already been available for developers for a little while. Long story short, these are both ready to go. Since the new version of Mac OS X is necessary for Apple’s computers to share a printer with an iOS device over AirPrint, the two will launch at nearly the same time. Windows users will use the iTunes 10.1 update to use the feature.

iOS 4.2 is the unifying release of iOS that runs on all three iOS devices: the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The iPad will finally get multitasking and the release is also expected to finally ‘fix’ iOS 4.x’s performance on the older iPhone 3G. Horribly slow performance on the iPhone 3G is the subject of some recent lawsuits against Apple, one of which claims Apple intentionally crippled its performance on the iPhone 3G to force customers to upgrade to the iPhone 4. In case you weren’t aware, it is impossible to revert an iPhone’s operating system to a previous version without jailbreaking it. The AT&T source also said iOS 4.2 would have launched yesterday but a problem with Japanese characters due to a bug that slipped through the betas put it on hold.

It looks like iOS 4.2 is almost here. The support for AirPlay and AirPrint is expected any moment in the form of Mac OS X 10.6.5 for Macs and iTunes 10.1 for Windows. Excited? Lots of new features are to be found in the updated version of iOS and I’m sure we’ll all find some surprises.

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