Customers Want iPhones Not Competitors

The results of a new poll have just been released and the answer is clear—consumers are both extremely pleased by their iPhones and want one to be their next smartphone purchase. Changewave Research, a market research firm, conducted a survey of 4,028 respondents during the week leading up to the first day of the new iPhone 4’s release. As a result, the poll does not include iPhone 4 owners and was not influenced by the as then yet undiscovered reception issues on the phone.

The outcome of the survey was blunt. 73% of respondents who current own an iPhone rate their experience with it as “very satisfying.” This was in stark contrast to the mere 30% of the respondents who owned a BlackBerry and rated their experience as “very satisfying.” An enormous gap even when you do not figure in the fact that AT&T with its sometimes spotty network is the exclusive carrier, or ignore that Apple runs a practical monopoly over what content is allowed onto the device.

What is even more telling though is the fact that of the consumers who were planning on purchasing a smartphone in the next 90 days, 52% said that it would be an iPhone. An HTC Android OS powered device? 19%. A Motorola device running Android? 9%.  Those who were opting for a BlackBerry? Only 6%. A tremendous fall for the once mighty Research In Motion (RIM).

This all ties into the strongest of all the numbers: BlackBerrys fell into a tie with iPhones for smartphone market share at 34% apiece. This is ahead of the iPhone 4 launch and a possible sign that it is sink or swim over at RIM.  Marketwatch even ran a story stating that “the BlackBerry is dying” and this is the hard proof for what everyone has suspected all along. It looks like consumers want iPhones right now and not what most of Apple’s competitors are offering.

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