The iPhone 4’s ‘Antennagate’ Provides Plenty of Fun Things

Apple’s iPhone ‘Antennagate’ dilemma is not all bad news—plenty of fun things have popped up poking fun at the insanely popular smartphone. Everything from ‘band aids’ to fix the reception issues, to T-shirts proclaiming that “You’re holding it wrong.” Oh, and do not forget those hilarious YouTube videos. So here you go, a rundown on stuff that will make you smile even if you are dropping calls, or make you laugh if you did not buy an iPhone 4. Enjoy.

The Antenn-aid:

This nifty little product is marketed as a novelty item but probably actually works as well as one of those free cases Apple CEO Steve Jobs has promised everyone. Sold as a pack of six for only $4.99 plus shipping, these vinyl stickers look like regular the Band-Aids your mom put on you when you got a cut or scrape. They attach to the lower left corner of the iPhone 4 where the whole ‘death grip’ issue is center and will be sure to draw a few laughs from your friends. Check them out at

Steve Says:

I just noticed these T-shirts online at Zazzle and they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. They also remind me of all those shirts back in the 1990s sold through Macintosh mail-order catalogs that poked fun at Microsoft (oh how far Apple has come since then). Featuring phrases like “Hold different,” “There’s a bumper for that,” and “Steve says, ‘You’re holding it wrong,’” the shirts are a humorous poke at Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Check them out at

Another Banned iPhone 4 Promo:

It is a YouTube video that tries to apologize to everyone who purchased an iPhone 4. Enough said. Check it out below:


If you know of any other funny things that are Apple or iPhone 4 related, posted a comment and let us see. I’m dying to see what else the internet has come up with. Besides, we all need a good laugh now and then.

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