Everyone Wants an iPhone – On Verizon’s Network

Market research company Morpace recently performed a study a found that the biggest obstacle to iPhone sales is the smartphone’s exclusivity deal with AT&T. So exactly how many would grab an iPhone on Verizon? 51% of Verizon’s current subscriber base, that’s who. It gets even more interesting.

Besides the Verizon masses that are “somewhat/very likely to purchase an iPhone with Verizon,” plenty of carriers could see mass defections from their subscriber bases. 23% of AT&T’s customers said the same. 22% of Sprints customers and 20% of T-Mobile customers also agreed. They want the iPhone on Verizon.

Taking a closer look at the numbers and AT&T customers specifically, even current iPhone owners want to switch over to Verizon. 47% of those surveyed have an iPhone at the moment and would consider switching carriers. Remember, since the technology between the two carriers is incompatible, each of these defectors would result in an additional iPhone sale. This is even more astonishing when you consider that for those who currently have an iPhone, 34% are waiting for another carrier to get it before they upgrade again.

If Apple wants to move more handsets, then it needs get the iPhone onto Verizon before Android phones grab too many potential customers. Rumors speculate a January 2011 launch for such an iPhone, but they are still just rumors. Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is that if the iPhone shows up with CDMA technology for Verizon, it would be limited to either calling or data. Unlike with AT&T’s GSM-based network, CDMA only lets one or the other happen at a time. I am sure plenty of you have seen the AT&T commercials that poke fun at Verizon for this network flaw.

I want to hear from you. Are you waiting on your next iPhone upgrade for a Verizon one? How about all of you on Verizon’s carrier? Would you ditch your current phone for an iPhone if it became available? How about everyone not on AT&T? I know a lot of T-Mobile customers are hoping for one, and some rumors have been circulating about such a model. Drop a comment and let me know.

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