Will the iPhone UberTwitter App Makes BlackBerry Owners Switch?

The popular Twitter client app, UberTwitter, is available for Apple’s iPhone for free through iTunes right now. The improved, non-beta version of UberTwitter will be launched sometime in December and bring more features after the usual big fixes and user feedback are implemented.  (The current version on iTunes is 1.0.2 so I am not sure about claims online that the current version is indeed a beta.)

While there are plenty of different mobile Twitter clients out there, UberTwitter has always had a strong following on the BlackBerry and its appearance on iOS might mean even the crackberry addicts out there are considering another smartphone platform.

In case you are unfamiliar with UberTwitter, it is one of those ‘advanced’ Twitter clients that make things easier for tweeters. Features like ‘UberView’ which show what links actually point to without traveling there in Safari make tweeting faster and less of a hassle. Right now, version 1.0.2 of UberTwitter has a rating on iTunes of 2.5 out of 5 with the majority of the raters complaining that the app is not more like the BlackBerry version. Give the app developers a little more time to polish things up and realize that with the growing popularity of the iPhone, that complaint is going to start showing up a lot more, everywhere.

UberTwitter’s CEO, Paul McDonald, stated that “Given the iPhone’s growing dominance among smartphone users, we wanted to extend our product offering to its users while making sure our app offered features that would complement the platform’s unique functionality.” That’s probably why everyone who used UberTwitter on the BB is complaining about the iPhone version. The iPhone and the BlackBerry are two very different devices with different strengths. You can’t really expect UberTwitter to not try to change things up a bit considering it has to compete in a much larger (by a factor of 300x) app store than it did when it was BlackBerry only.  Besides, TweetDeck and plenty of other advanced Twitter apps are already on iTunes. This is an uphill battle for UberTwitter.

Ever think UberTwitter would appear on iOS? Finally contemplating switching from BlackBerry to iPhone or do you just love your QWERTY keyboard too much to go touchscreen only? Let me know and give me your thoughts on UberTwitter for iOS if you try it out.

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