iPhone App ‘Love Plus’ a Little Creepy, Lets You Have Virtual Girlfriend

The Japanese have been known for making some very…interesting games. One genre of games that seem to only come from the country are dating simulations. These games let you spend your time in a virtual world trying to win the heart of an inevitably high school aged beauty. Creeped out yet? Don’t worry, I have Youtube footage of the app too in action too.

Called Love Plus and published by Konami, this game originated on the Nintendo DS but has found its way onto the iPhone. Because both the DS and iPhone sport touchscreens and video cameras, they are excellent platforms for the game. Why? Besides just letting you get lost in a virtual girlfriend world, Love Plus lets you take pictures and videos of yourself and will digitally insert your pseudo-girlfriend. Oh, and you can “caress” her with the touchscreen (I told you it was creepy).

Because the game is in Japanese, I haven’t been able to confirm yet whether or not a promised GPS features update has come out for it. Using the iPhone’s GPS and some location based social network technology, Love Plus will let users go on “real dates.” Err… if anyone shows up at a movie or restaurant and is talking to a computer generated girl on their iPhone, please slap them. What is even scarier about this app is that it has a strong following in Japan. To quote one user, “I hope that this will serve as practice for when I have a real girlfriend.”

I really don’t know what else to say about Love Plus except that it might just end up drawing a strong following in the US if it is released here. There are plenty of single, lonely men around and games like this might gain more cultural acceptance here in the future.

Here’s the video:

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