iPhone 4 Update to iOS Version 4.0.1 Delayed to Prevent Hackers?

Apple may be delaying the release of the first update to its iOS 4 software, version 4.0.1, that is expected to fix the ‘grip of death’ reception problems plaguing its newest smartphones because it wants to prevent the anticipated arrival of the first iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock options available. A member of the hacker group iPhone Dev-Team recently shed some light onto how close they are to finding a way to exploit the new phone.  The hacker was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle stating “Now that we have [the] iPhone4 baseband boot [ROM], we can compare it to earlier 3G/3GS boot [ROMS] to see if any bug-fixes pop out,” on his Twitter account.

iPhone Dev-Team is a group of hackers specializing in bypassing carrier and application restrictions that Apple firmly imposes through its iOS and hardware. Since exploitable holes in Apple’s devices are found on a fairly consistent basis, the company is forced to regularly update iOS to fix previous security compromises that iPhone Dev-Team and similar groups exploit. The reason that Apple is so firmly opposed to anyone being able to modify the iPhone 4 is because of two reasons.

The first is that preventing customers from using iPhones on networks besides AT&T’s—the only official carrier supported in the United States—allows Apple to protect its exclusive carrier in exchange for more lucrative deals from it. AT&T pays Apple more for its phones than Verizon Wireless does to companies that produce phones for its network.

The second is that by Apple preventing unauthorized software from running on its hardware, it literally holds a monopoly over the only officially supported method of delivering applications to the iPhone and the company’s other iOS-powered devices. Unless a user intentionally voids their warrant by unlocking or jailbreaking their device, Apple controls everything that can go in or out of it, and which carrier the user can choose.

Unfortunately for iPhone 4 users who are experiencing the ‘grip of death’ antenna reception issue that occurs when the phone is held in the left hand a certain way, Apple is delaying the update supposed to fix at least part of the problem—at least according to Slashgear and its Apple Retail sources. Apple wants to keep its power over the iPhone 4 and fix any security flaws present before hackers get a chance to release their response to iOS 4. Tell me what you think of all this and if Apple is being a spoilsport while affected users are left out in the cold.

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