Iphone users get a much needed Gmail update

When you’re looking at your amazing iPhone you may think to yourself “man this is perfect” until of course you get the chance to find some slight imperfections. The iPhone is indeed one of the most powerful and helpful phones on the market, but how good could it be with second rate access to one of the most used email addresses in the world @gmail.com. Well Google has finally stepped to the plate and is looking to improve upon Gmail access to iPhone users.

via TechCrunch

Google is apparently updating its Gmail application that can be found on nearly every mobile device in the world. But form some apparent reason – Google has Android – the push notification portion of the Gmail app for the iPhone just does not seem to perform up to par. Take the usual, when you look into your Gmail you would need to “click” the update or refresh to see your most recent emails. With the new “app” that Google has pumped out you simply get refreshes as you would in your normal Gmail experience, and it looks as if they have recently changed up the interface a bit. Most iPhone users are currently using their Safari web browser to access their Gmail accounts, but why there should be an app for that right? Well there is and it looks as if Google will be updating it in the next coming month. Off to the right is a snap shot from TechCrunch showing some minor updates to the application, the writer goes on to say that small changes appear evident, as the new header has a “menu”, “compose” and even an unread count. The look and feel of the new app also seems to be overall revamped to a certain extent. Other new features that can be found within the “revamp” show up on the field directly under the main bar toward the top of the app,  giving users an “archive” a “more” and a “delete” options,  currently if using the application these selections only show face when an email is selected. When asked about the slight improvements a Google spokes person told TechCrunch ““We’re always experimenting with new products and ways to enhance and improve our current products. We don’t have any specific plans to share at this time,”

With improvements to the application and more attention being given to the millions of iPhone users, it looks like Google has stepped up to the plate and will be knocking one out of the park soon. So be on the lookout for new improvements to your iPhones Gmail app, as they are sure to impress, if not simply help you access your Gmail.

Tell us what you think of the Gmail app on your iPhone, is there room for improvement?

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