Losing Their Heads Over the iPhone

Apple Inc. seems to be filling the news almost every day now, and not in very good ways. The latest deals with the iPhone 4G, again. It is either the company is lacking in the security department or it is really raining iPhone 4Gs, even before they are officially due. Another prototype of the previously mentioned model has been found spreading around various sites as well as on YouTube. This most recent one was found on an internet forum in Vietnam.

The latest leak shows photos of the prototype with an internal memory capacity of 16GB. Rumor has it that the device was purchased directly from the US by a businessman from Vietnam. Numerous photos have been initially uploaded on one of their local forums and are spreading like wildfire, much like the Gizmodo incident.

Based on the pictures, the device appears much like the one posted earlier by GIzmodo with the exception of the 16GB mark. There is not much additional information regarding the features. Analysts are still debating on whether the back part is made plastic, glass or other material and appears to be prone to scratches as the front which has caused some to assume that there is a second touch screen at the back. However, this remains to be a rumor as neither of the previous leaks on the iPhone 4G can verify this information.

Being constantly on the news, employees related to Apple Inc. are feeling the burn. Last July, an employee from Foxconn killed himself after being questioned about a missing iPhone device. Foxconn is one company involved in manufacturing Apple products such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone. Another employee under the same company committed suicide yesterday but supposedly for more personal reasons. Representatives from the company of Foxconn proclaim the company treats its employees fairly although this is already their eighth registered suicide for the year.