iPhone Apps for Job Hunters

Regardless of the season, there will always be people looking for a job or trying to land their ideal. Here are a few iPhone apps that cost under $2 that could help applicants prepare for that job interview or at least provide some entertainment while waiting or when stressed at work. It may be better than fiddling your fingers.

The first one off is the Pocket Resume. Available for $1.99, this app will guide new graduates or first time applicants into making and sending out professional looking resumes. The information placed can be saved and edited for other job applications you may need to do in the future.

There is also the Hire Me app for the iPhone. For a small price of $0.99, the layout is simple and somewhat unappealing. Although rather basic, it has a number of randomly generated interview questions, which is good for first time applicants looking for a job and not knowing what to expect in an interview. There are also odd tips on how to correctly tie a neck tie as well as a radio station which plays soothing music. It also includes a voice recording section so you could play back and hear how you would sound answering a question.

Another app on the list is known as the Affirmations for Job Success. For $0.99, this app is filled with a variety of quotes related to work. At least you can use your iPhone as your makeshift happy place if things do not work out in the office.

Although a number of these apps allow users to access the Internet and actually look for work on a selected amount of sites, the price should be an indicator of their limited features. They may not be remarkable but should give fresh graduates or other applicants some basic pointers to make the application process less stressful.

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